Soona Songs is an independent record label located in Jonesborough, Tennessee.  Initially formed in 2000 to release Marilyn Duncan's first album, the label traveled from its Poolesville, Maryland birthplace to an exciting adolescence in Dallas, Texas, then on to eastern Tennessee, where we hope to stay put for a while.

Our catalog includes a variety of musicians whose songs we love - music that really means something to us.  We are proud to offer: music to rock out to; music to sing at the top of your lungs driving down an open highway; music to cry with; music to stare at your fish tank to; music that makes you think; music that makes you dance with the vacuum cleaner. You know, the good stuff.

And so, being lucky enough to find a few musicians who play the good stuff, we expanded Soona Songs, the label that would promote them and introduce listeners like you to their unique voices.  Our collection of artists looks a little like our friends' CD collections, eclectic, with a focus on singer-songwriters whose words and music stay with us.  So take a minute to check out our site, browse the store, and have a listen to this talented group of musicians.  Thanks for visiting.  Come back soon for artist updates, label news, and to download fresh, tasty Soona Snacks!