The Malvinas at Sugarloaf - photo by Jim Eigo
The Malvinas
Named for social activist Malvina Reynolds (and meaning it); geographically and musically diverse, these three exceptional women will take you by storm. Currently hailing from Texas, Québec, and Louisiana, they add all those musical traditions and more into a feisty mix that includes folk-pop, jazz, Cajun and traditional. Beth Cahill, Gina Forsyth and Lisa Markley bring their voices, guitars, mandolin, fiddle and banjo to bear on an amazing array of original material. Touring nationally, and with two releases to their credit, Soona Songs is happy to be recording their third album.

I'm Not Like This, The Malvinas

I'm Not Like This (2002)

Love, Hope + Transportation, The Malvinas

Love, Hope + Transportation (2004)

God Bless the Grass, The Malvinas

God Bless the Grass (2017)

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