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The owners of Soona Songs want to encourage and promote excellence in songwriting. And we like parties. So, in our spare time, we host a house concert series featuring some of our favorite local, regional, and national singer/songwriters. House concerts are an exciting way for musicians to connect with fans—if you're invited to one in your town, check it out!

What's a House Concert?

It is a private party, complete with food and drink, but primarily focused on musical entertainment.

Why do it?

Singer/Songwriters and small acoustic bands tour the country playing public venues such as festivals, bars, clubs and coffee houses - for very little money.

How it works!

When musicians play a House Concert, the Hosts "pass the hat" and the guests donate (usually $10 or $15) for the performance. That way, the musicians take home a reasonable paycheck while guests enjoy an intimate musical evening with their friends and neighbors, perhaps even catching a "rising star" up close!

Please contact info@soonasongs.com for more information.