Beth Cahill – Songs for Sarah


Format: Compact Disc (includes free download)

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For every drop of sorrow there’s a miracle hiding somewhere… In some ways it is a dark lullaby. It is Beth’s newest recording in collaboration with longtime friend, producer and guitar god, Graham Duncan. Songs for Sarah is all about the future.

Engineering and production: Graham Duncan, Marilyn Duncan, and Brian Pinke
Mixed by Graham Duncan
Mastered by John Scrip at Massive Mastering
Recorded at Soona Songs Studio in Dallas, Texas but occasionally at other points in the universe when opportunities presented themselves.

Download Lyrics (PDF)

Released 2011

Format: Compact Disc (includes free download in 44.1khz FLAC, 96khz FLAC, and 320kbps MP3)

  Title Time

  1. Sarah with the Blue Eyes 3:39

  2. Black Sheep 3:59

  3. Chinese Words 4:24

  4. Christmas Day in Flint, Michigan 4:57

  5. Love Fell 3:30

  6. Raven 1:38

  7. The Pilot 5:55

  8. When Summer Comes Again 3:37

  9. Get Over You 4:15

10. Me and Steve 3:47

11. Krista 4:08

12. From the Sky 3:59