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Format: Download (includes 44.1khz FLAC and 320kbps MP3)

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Heliopause brings a unique sound to the Soona Songs catalog with their debut album of ambient instrumental music. These layered soundscapes were recorded live in the studio, with the three electric guitarists improvising and responding organically to one another. Fans describe the sound as ethereal, brilliant, mellow, delicate, meditative.

The group’s name refers to one of the outer boundaries of our solar system–and the guitar sounds on this album seem to reach out into a dizzying vastness. As the performers interact and experiment, the melodic patterns stray toward chaos but always turn back to a relaxing, hypnotic inner rhythm–giving listeners the feeling that they’re standing on the edge of space, looking down into the strangeness of the abyss, but never quite falling in. v.I will make great background music for your next party, and also has the depth and interest to make great solo listening.

Format: Download (includes 44.1khz FLAC and 320kbps MP3)