Kevin Elliott – Patterns of Blue


Format: Compact Disc (includes free download)

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In Patterns of Blue, his second release for Soona Songs, Kevin Elliott once again brings his unique finger-style guitar to a collection of his original songs. With a dark and quirky eye, he creates love songs, hopeless, lost, and true; and songs that examine many aspects of humanity, the ones we love to acknowledge, and the ones we try to forget.

“emotionally complex, lyric driven music… vocals out front, and deceptively simple arrangements… personal songs with universal appeal… the production fully supports connecting the listener with the inner song, and making this an album worthy of your attention”
– Alan Gann, poet and educator

Download Lyrics (PDF)

Released June 2016

Format: Compact Disc (includes free download in 44.1khz FLAC, 96khz FLAC, and 320kbps MP3)


  Title Time

  1. Patterns of Blue 4:13

  2. Will You Come Home Again 4:35

  3. Ain’t the King of Diamonds 4:25

  4. Rain on the River 4:02

  5. Been Runnin’ Too Long 4:31

  6. Shout Out to the Angels 3:14

  7. Sloptown Road 3:54

  8. A Tenderloin Lullaby 5:43

  9. Turnpike 3:16

10. I’m an Old Panhandler 3:22

11. Hey Jaybird 3:26

12. The Kingpin 3:57