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It took 11 years for Marilyn Duncan’s third Soona Songs release to emerge. Maybe time spent on the other side of the glass is the reason, but the songs arrived at last. Now in bluegrass country, Little Blue Car reflects that sensibility. Old time instrumentation is provided by the talented Roy Andrade, and familial harmonies and extra guitar by Graham Duncan. This album reflects a personal, though universal journey – love, loss, hope, faith, and a good time along the way.

Recorded at Soona Songs Studio, Jonesborough, TN
Produced and engineered by Graham Duncan and Marilyn Duncan
Mixed by Graham Duncan
Mastered by John Scrip at MASSIVE Mastering
Photographs by Bill Duncan and Marilyn Duncan

What others said before:

“original and upbeat…a pleasure to listen to.” -National Cherry Blossom Festival

“…for those of us who can empathize with the knowledge that life indeed takes us down many roads, most often those we didn’t anticipate. Indeed, as this tenacious songwriter points out, that may be the beauty of the whole journey.” -Nancy Montgomery, Music News Nashville

“Thought provoking” – Henk de Weerd

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Released 2017

Format: Download (includes 44.1khz FLAC, 96khz FLAC, and 320kbps MP3)

  Title Time

  1. Find My Light 3:44

  2. Little Blue Car 3:22

  3. Hold On 4:22

  4. What I’ll Miss Most 4:33

  5. 56-Year Collection 5:01

  6. On My Own 3:23

  7. Away Too Long 3:37

  8. Hillside 3:32

  9. Talk of War 2:52

10. The River 2:50

11. Birthday on the Run 1:09