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The Malvinas, a feminist folk trio with a seriously original sound created by three of the most temperamental, romantic, down-to-earth, tolerant, funky, maternal, independent, impassioned, politically opinionated, completely-unlike-one-another, singer-songwriter-instrumentalists you’ve ever had the good fortune to know.

The Malvinas are:
Beth Cahill – vocals, guitar, mandolin
Gina Forsyth – vocals, fiddle, guitar
Lisa Markley – vocals, guitar, banjo

Produced by Marilyn Duncan and Graham Duncan
Recorded at Soona Songs Studio, Jonesborough, TN
Engineered and mixed by Graham Duncan
Mastered by John Scrip at MASSIVE Mastering
Original artwork by Lee Harding

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Released 2017

Format: Download (includes 44.1khz FLAC, 96khz FLAC, and 320kbps MP3)

“Our live “Folkstage” performers were The Malvinas (Beth Cahill, Gina Forsyth, Lisa Markely) on one of their rare reunion tours. Each of these artists comes from a musical background totally different from the others, but when they get together the result is a magical melding of styles with great harmonies and picking. They also do a superb job interpreting covers. The Malvinas certainly were a hit with our full capacity studio audience.” – Rich Warren

“Over the years, we have watched The Malvinas evolve from already fine musicians into masters of their instruments and voices with an egoless passion channeled in service to the song. On their third album, God Bless the Grass, we hear musicians with something to say and the skill to deliver a message without losing the music’s essential joy.” -Alan Gann

What others said before:

“More folk music should be this invigorated.” -The New Orleans Times- Picayune

“These women take no prisoners!” -Dirty Linen Magazine

“You’ll find their enthusiasm and songs infectious.” -Sing Out! Magazine

And from the man who listened the closest:

“Those lush harmonies and feisty folk tunes pouring out of here are The Malvinas!”

  Title Time

  1. Crow 3:59

  2. How Can I Keep From Singing 3:22

  3. God Bless the Grass 3:26

  4. Moses 4:28

  5. I Ought To Know 3:59

  6. Weak in the Knees 3:49

  7. Somewhere Off the Foot of This Mountain 4:16

  8. Meteorite 3:11

  9. Light (O, Let Your Light Shine Bright) 3:27

10. The Ukrainian Song 4:10

11. Starting Over 5:08

12. Surrender Love 3:47

13. Maman Roseanne 4:00