Soona’s Summer Song


Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, being amazed at how quickly summer passes by these days. Notes school is about to start before Esteemed CEO has even dusted off her bikini… this may be for the best. Meanwhile, we hope you are enjoying the warmth of the sun, with some waves, and perhaps a cool drink on the side.

Here at Soona Central it seems as though it is winter, when the growth is underground and invisible. We are hoping for some brilliant sprouts soon, and there are rumblings. Radiophonic is writing in their geographically challenged way. The world needs one more intellectual rock album, and Soona Songs means to supply it. They really could have been rocket scientists!

Esteemed CEO would like for you to check out our new shopping page… CDs and Downloads of many flavors available (FLAC is Ghost Dog’s favorite).

And for your free listening nourishment – Soona Snacks!

So, until our autumn missive, we bid a fond farewell. Hold your friends and family close, keep it on the high beam, and thanks for supporting independent music… especially ours!