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Soona's Spring Serenade

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here hoping the equinox finds you well balanced and ready for the sun's return, at least those of you at the north end of the planet. As we break out the sunscreen, things are bright and busy at Soona Songs. Before the summer solstice, we plan to release the new Radiophonic album, the new Bruce Balmer album and get started on a few others. Esteemed CEO is ready to hang out the recording studio shingle, and we have some new Soona Snacks for you too.

First a word from Esteemed CEO...

The spring gift giving season is upon us! Find just the right gift of music at the Soona Songs Store - one size fits all, calorie and gluten free, yummy for your ears, and artwork your mother will love. Thank you.

Radiophonic in the Soona Songs studio

Radiophonic's January recording session was all that could be wished, including a really good snow storm that proved these guys are more than equal to the U.S. Mail. Thinking they would just do an EP in their four days together, this talented, geographically challenged group create-a-jammed five additional songs to make an entire album. Audio Engineer and Producer Brian Pinke came on down for the session too. Look for a June digital release!

The Toronto Folk Alliance Conference in February featured our acoustic roster, and a good time was had by all. We distributed a five song demo for Bruce Balmer's new CD and we anxiously await the completed product, due in May.

Ghost Dog is nudging Beth Cahill, Kevin Elliott and Esteemed CEO to get on with their new solo projects, and is plotting to get our Jazz Diva Lisa Markley into the studio again soon (with the Bruce Balmer Orchestra, of course). Lots to do, lots to do...

In addition, anyone wanting to do a project in our new studio needs to contact Esteemed CEO at to discuss same.

In honor of Spring's return we offer the following Soona Snacks:

  • From our ambient improvisational group heliopause's second release, v.ii, the most appropriate "Waiting for the thaw."
  • A song to remind us to bring the sunglasses... from Markley & Balmer's debut album, "Polarized."
  • And from Radiophonic's album, I Could Have Been A Rocket Scientist, when a young man's fancy turns from home, "Ultralight."

Meanwhile, we here at Soona Songs wish you a wonderful warming up season, and truly hope you keep your tail from under the rocking chair.



Soona's Winter Song

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, hoping the Holidaze treated you well and you are ready to begin 2013 with renewed resolve. This winter will be tail-wagging busy here at Soona Songs: Radiophonic is recording their new EP, Bruce Balmer's album is in the mixing machine, Soona Songs singer/songwriters are aiming for the International Folk Alliance Conference in Toronto, and we have some nice winter Soona Snacks up too.

First a word from Esteemed CEO:

Cheer up the dreary winter months with music - downloads or old fashioned CDs even your mother could play are all available from the Soona Songs Store.

Our geographically challenged rock 'n rollers, Radiophonic, are coming together in January to record a new EP. Hailing from Austin, TX, Nashville, TN, New York, NY and Champaign, IL, Ghost Dog is expecting some serious magic when they get together. They have been writing across the ether, so let's see how ethereal their new songs come out.

The Bruce Balmer solo album is in the hands and ears of mixing master Graham Duncan. Ghost Dog knows Esteemed CEO is very pleased with the songs, and is hoping a pre-release demo will be available for Folk Alliance.

Speaking of which, the International Conference actually is international this year, so, in February, off to Toronto we go. Bruce Balmer, Beth Cahill, Graham Duncan, Marilyn Duncan, Kevin Elliott, Gina Forsyth and Lisa Markley will all be there. Esteemed CFO Bill Duncan will also be there to take pictures and keep everyone in line.

New Soona Snacks

In honor of all the travel going on we will offer the following free downloads for your enjoyment:

  • From Kevin Elliott's album, It's a Circus Here, Dolores, a great road trip song, "Me and the Kid"
  • From Marilyn Duncan's album Departures, a life journey song, featuring some great fiddle by Gina Forsyth and the talented musicians of Radiophonic, "Gift of the Song."
  • and from Markley & Balmer, a story out of the fertile mind of Bruce Balmer, "Landing on the Moon."
Meanwhile, stay warm, stay happy and keep your tail out from under the rocker... and thanks for supporting independent music, especially ours.