Soona Songs Holidaze Edition

Greetings Soonaphiles,

Ghost Dog here, wishing you the best and safest celebration possible for whichever of the dark-of-the-year holidays you may be celebrating. Here at Soona Central, Esteemed CEO and CFO have a lot of lights strung about to lift the spirits, and of course, Ghost Dog feels lifted. The lights don’t make up for gathering with friends and family, but we are all thankful as on-line video communication sees us through.

In the shameless commerce division… we do have CDs available for gifting. Esteemed CEO will be happy to wrap or not wrap, and although the mail is slower than usual, they should arrive before Twelfth night.

gift wrap promo banner

In Soona Arteest news, on-line practice and rehearsal continues for The Malvinas and Radiophonic. Markley & Balmer are on Facebook Live every Thursday night at 8:30 pm EST. Esteemed CEO hopes everyone else is practicing and writing while we have all this non-touring time on our hands.

In our attempt here to light a candle rather than curse the darkness, Ghost Dog has chosen a cheerful Soona Snack from each of our artists for your listening and downloading enjoyment.

As we reach out to each other in these difficult, virtual times, we wish you masked and safe, and thank you for supporting independent music, especially ours.