Soona in the time of Corona…


Ghost Dog here, hoping you are taking good care of yourselves during this most interesting time. We miss seeing all our friends in person, and miss the gigs, festivals, conferences and concerts cancelled by this pandemic. But more important than our missing things is the loss of so many lives. Please do what you can to slow the spread… wear a mask.

Esteemed CEO suggests this is a good time to purchase music from those not able to play for you in person. The Soona Shop can guarantee the Downloads are virus free, and any CDs ordered will be carefully sanitized in the packing process. When the package arrives, we suggest you repeat the process.

Soona Arteests are taking musical matters into their own hands performing via Facebook live. You can catch Markley & Balmer most Thursday nights.

We can report, that as the world takes interacting on-line to new heights, both Radiophonic and The Malvinas are writing and rehearsing via the ether.

In honor of how long we are going to be confined to quarters (mostly), we will feature a Soona Snack from every album we have released… a twenty year journey into the vault. Our Soona Arteests always have a lot to say, and here we’ll let their songs speak.

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We here at Soona Songs wish you a safe passage through, and thank you for supporting independent music, especially ours!