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Spring Edition

Greetings Soonaphiles,

As the weather tries to make up its mind, Ghost Dog hopes you bipeds are keeping the galoshes handy - and for all the other uncertainties, are keeping your spirits up and lights on the high beam!

First a word from Esteemed CEO...

Music, it is a wonderful release and distraction in these uncertain times. Something for everyone can be found at the Soona Songs Store, in a variety of formats. Let me recommend the CDs for gifts. Mother's Day is coming... Father's Day too!

Ghost Dog is pleased to report a successful foray into live broadcast radio land (WETS HD 1, WETS FM 89.5) with Esteemed CEO's aka Marilyn Duncan's appearance on Studio One with David Carter. Appearing with her were Roy Andrade, Steve Cook, and Graham Duncan. This was the fifth appearance by Soona Artists on the program, following Beth Cahill, Kevin Elliott (twice) and The Malvinas. We thank Dave Carter for having us back, and studio engineer Mike Strickland for making us sound great! The Malvinas will be back for a sixth Soona appearance August 25, 2018.

Spring into summer, points Dallas, Kerrville, and SERFA: The Malvinas, Markley & Balmer, and Marilyn Duncan can be found playing out, promoting their new albums. Catch them and get an autographed copy, if you can.

So, to cheer you (and Ghost Dog) through, we offer these uplifting Soona Snacks:

  • To make you sing... from The Malvinas' God Bless the Grass - "How Can I Keep from Singing".

  • To make you dance... from their debut album, Markley & Balmer - "Mom & Dad's Polka".

  • To make you reminisce... from Marilyn Duncan's Old Friends and Lovers - the title song, "Old Friends and Lovers".

Wishing you spring flowers to go with the showers, and thanking you for supporting independent music, especially ours.


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