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Holidaze Edition

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, hoping that whatever you are celebrating as the year comes to a close, includes a warm fire, warm drinks, and friends to share them with.

Here at Soona Central we are stepping back just a bit after releasing three albums in one year. Esteemed CEO now has plenty of time to fill your orders, and even gift wrap them! We think these three new albums will make excellent presents! All our other albums too. Please check them out in the Soona Store.

The first 2017 release - The Malvinas (Beth Cahill, Gina Forsyth, and Lisa Markley) are having great success with God Bless the Grass! Geographically challenged as they are (Quebec, Louisiana, and Upstate New York) they will be on the road this year, so look for them!

The second for 2017 - Esteemed CEO's release, Little Blue Car also received a warm reception from the Folk DJs, and she will continue to get off her butt and play out in the coming year. Ghost Dog promises to nip her on her way.

And the third and final 2017 release from Markley & Balmer (Lisa Markley and Bruce Balmer) - Standards & Covers! We are going jazz here, and it is currently making its way to all the Jazz DJs, and should also be in your changer, for those candlelit dinners - an aid to digestion and romance!

Soona Snacks!

A little pre-season gift for your download and listening pleasure:
  • In honor of the season, from Kevin Elliott's latest, Patterns of Blue, "Shout Out to the Angels"

  • And from our rock band, Radiophonic, a ballad, to help you remember all the people you need to buy gifts for, "Concentrate" from The Proud Ones.

As the earth cycles to darkness, then to light, we wish you joy in all your celebrations. And we thank you for supporting independent music, especially ours.


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