Soona’s Winter Song


Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, hoping you are staying warm and safe while the sun creeps back north. The Equinox is a ways away, but the light grows steadily in more ways than one. So please keep that mask on, we want our fans alive!

Esteemed CEO would like for everyone to consider a shopping trip to our Soona Store. There are many songs in many styles, waiting there to lift your spirits, and purchasing a CD or download, will certainly lift ours.

As our Soona Arteests keep safe in their practice rooms (and day jobs) we are sharing a song from each for our winter Soona Snacks.

  • From Beth Cahill’s album, Songs for Sarah, a beautiful song about a a misguided celebrity, “The Pilot”   Download MP3

  • From Bruce Balmer’s album, Get Outta Park, a song regarding the mysteries of carpentry, “When It’s Too Wet To Plow”   Download MP3

  • From Kevin Elliott’s second Soona release, Patterns of Blue, a timely song touching on the political, “The Kingpin”   Download MP3

  • From Lisa Markley’s second Soona release, One Word, the romantically beautiful title song, “One Word”   Download MP3

  • From Radiophonic’s second Soona release, The Proud Ones, a haunting song about domestic abuse, “Lions to Horses”   Download MP3

  • From Marilyn Duncan’s second Soona release, Departures, a song about death and dying, “Darkening Sky”   Download MP3

  • From Markley & Balmer’s debut album, Markley & Balmer, a lively political romp from yesteryear, “Don’t Make Me Do It”   Download MP3

Ghost Dog hopes you enjoy the music!

Until our next blog, we wish you all the happiness that winter can bring, and hot cocoa too. Thanks for supporting independent music, especially ours!