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Holiday Shopping Edition!!

Greetings Soonaphiles,

Ghost Dog here, hoping the season finds you gathered 'round the fire with friends, family and love all 'round. Here at Soona Central we are tail-wagging busy as the new studio cranks up for a host of new Soona hits! We also have a free gift wrap offer and some great new Soona Snacks on board.

First a word from Esteemed CEO -

Check out our Soona Songs Store for all your holiday shopping needs. Our albums make a unique gift, with something for every musical taste: pop, rock, jazz, roots, folk and ambient electrical meditative music (see heliopause). Remember, there are no worries about colors, sizes or food allergies, and I will even wrap it for you!

Beth Cahill is traveling to Johnson City, Tennessee for a December 29 live performance on Dave Carter's show, Studio One, on WETS FM with side man, Graham Duncan. They'll be on at 1:00 pm EST, and you can stream it here: WETS FM.

Later that evening, there will be a CD release for Songs for Sarah at Soona Songs HQ. While Esteemed CEO has Beth and Graham in town, there will also be some recording for the next CD.

January brings Radiophonic to town to lay down the tracks for their next project and rumor has it that even Esteemed CEO has some songs ready to go.

Meanwhile, to keep with the holiday spirit we have some seasonal Soona Snacks for your enjoyment:

  • "Beautiful Nothing" from Radiophonic - perhaps the best gift ever, as storage is not a problem.
  • "Christmas Day in Flint, Michigan" by Beth Cahill - not a happy song, but very meaningful, and our only song in the catalog with "Christmas" in the title.
  • To make everyone feel lots better, we give you "Happiness Is" by Lisa Markley, from the album Markley & Balmer.

From all of us at Soona Songs we wish you a happy and peaceful holiday, and we thank you very much for supporting independent music, especially ours.



Soona's Autumn Song

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, hoping this finds you on the porch enjoying the beauty of the season, drinking some hot cider after leaf raking, house painting, or whatever task is keeping you swing state folks away from the TV. Things have been so busy here at Soona Songs, that we left summer behind unnoticed and are now on to the fast approaching end of the year. Our new studio is operational, and our artists are hitting the road, studio and airways. Also some new Soona Snacks are up!

A word from Esteemed CEO:

Stock up on stocking-stuffers now! The albums at the Soona Songs Store are reasonably priced and ready to go. There is music for every taste; folk, jazz, pop, rock and roots, so don't delay. Thank you.

Bruce Balmer made a quick trip to Jonesborough in August and managed to get his new solo album into the can in just four days. The tracks are now in the hands and ears of Graham Duncan and nice mixes are emerging. Ghost Dog is hoping for more to report next time... watch this space.

Additionally in August, Beth Cahill took her new album, Songs for Sarah, on a successful tour of Denmark. We are looking for her here on December 29, when she will be performing live on WETS FM, Studio One, with Dave Carter. More later on this too.

Kevin Elliott came on down from Illinois in September and wowed us all with his live performance on Studio One. We had a great release party for It's a Circus Here, Dolores at Soona Central. Esteemed CEO is looking forward to some studio time during his April 2013 tour, when Kevin heads back this way again.

Rumor has it that rock band Radiophonic is ready to record and hoping to get their geographically challenged selves together in January. Ghost Dog can report that Esteemed CEO is very happy about this development.

For our new Soona Snacks we are going way back into the Soona Archives:

  • First, from the pre-Radiophonic (3 Shot West) era, "Norette" a song off their debut album, radiophonic. Ghost Dog excuses you for being confused, but the early stuff is good too.
  • Second, "Hungry for Something More" a song from Marilyn Duncan's debut album, Old Friends and Lovers, featuring the magical electric guitar of man of many talents Graham Duncan. Enjoy!

So, as the sun heads to the southern hemisphere, we wish you light and love. We also thank you for supporting independent music, especially ours.



Soona's Spring Serenade

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Hope the sun's return finds you with a spring in your step, bright eyes and cold noses. Here at Soona Central things are blooming busy. Esteemed CEO is heading to Washington, D.C. for her yearly National Cherry Blossom Festival performance, recovery is in progress from a great time at Folk Alliance, scheduling for summer recording sessions is underway, we have some new Soona Snacks up, and new reviews have been published for Radiophonic, Beth Cahill, and Kevin Elliott!

First, a word from Esteemed CEO:

Check out the Soona Songs Store for all your spring gift giving! Where else can you find such unique offerings for only $9.99. All albums feature a low glycemic load, with plenty of endorphins if you listen at high volume. Thank you.

Check out the reviews from on-line music magazine Rust for I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist, It's a Circus Here, Dolores, and Songs for Sarah:

Esteemed CEO heads again to the National Cherry Blossom Festival, disguised as singer/songwriter Marilyn Duncan. She'll perform at the Canon Stage, Sylvan Theater, on the Washington Monument Grounds, April 2 at noon. She thinks this is her ninth year, but it is a hundred years for the festival!

Ghost Dog would like to give a big thanks to everyone who performed at the Soona Songs Showcase at Folk Alliance this year. All the acts were great, including our own artists. We had a wonderful time getting together and making music: Beth Cahill, Lisa Markley and Gina Forsyth, individually and as The Malvinas; Bruce Balmer, Graham Duncan, Marilyn Duncan, Kevin Elliott and Markley & Balmer. A good time was had by all.

Speaking of good times, now that the new recording studio is ready to roll, Esteemed CEO wants to record. Beth Cahill is already laying down some tracks with Graham of-many-tasks Duncan for her next album. We have a bit of Lisa Markley and the Bruce Balmer Orchestra in the can, and Ghost Dog heard a rumor that Bruce Balmer is ready to record a solo project! Radiophonic, with their ongoing on-line composing, need to pick a date soon.

Soona Snacks, Spring Selection
  • In honor of the show Jupiter has been making in the night sky, from Heliopause v. I, "jupiter swing-by."
  • For the flowers emerging everywhere, from Kevin Elliott's It's a Circus Here, Dolores, "Yellow Philodendrons."
  • For young love, a selection from 3 Shot West (presently Radiophonic), "Skies of Blue."

Enjoy the songs, enjoy the spring, and thanks for supporting independent music, especially ours.



Soona's Winter Wonderful Edition

Greetings Soonaphiles,

Ghost Dog here, hoping you have found a warm spot to make it through this most interesting winter. Here at Soona Central promotion continues on Beth Cahill's Songs for Sarah and Kevin Elliott's It's a Circus Here, Dolores, preparation is underway for the yearly trek to Memphis for the International Folk Alliance Conference, and we have some new Soona Snacks! Your tail won't get caught under the rocker here, but there is a good chance you can be stepped on if you are not paying attention.

A word from Esteemed CEO:
Attention Audiophiles! Take a look and listen in the Soona Songs Store, we have folk, pop, roots, rock, and jazz, each album a gift for your ears! Thank you.

Beth's album is out to radio and we are hoping for a nice climb on the Folk DJ charts. Kind words from those in the know have already given us great encouragement.

Kevin's album continues in popularity and we are looking forward to sharing both of these albums with all our friends at the International Folk Alliance Conference.

Soona Songs is packing up and will be ready to roll to Memphis for a great conference in February. Bruce Balmer, Beth Cahill, Graham Duncan, Kevin Elliott, Gina Forsyth, Lisa Markley and of course, Esteemed CEO and CFO will all be there for the fun. We have a great lineup for the Soona Songs Showcase:

2012 Soona Songs Showcase

We hope folks will stop by our Soona Songs booth to talk to us about our artists and perhaps recording a project at our new studio.

New Soona Snacks!

In honor of the season we have some offerings from our new albums:

  • For the ongoing primaries - "If I Ruled the World" from Radiophonic's I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist
  • In honor of Valentine's Day, "Do You Want To Be My Valentine" from Kevin Elliott's It's a Circus Here, Dolores
  • And, for winter itself, a song with snow, a frozen river and black ice, "Get Over You" from Beth Cahill's Songs for Sarah

We hope you enjoy the songs and thank you once again for supporting independent music, especially ours.