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Soona's Holiday Shopping Edition!!!

Greetings Soonaphiles,

Ghost Dog here, hoping the season finds you with a warm fire, a cold eggnog and friends all around. Here at Soona central we are jingle-bell busy with the long-awaited release of Beth Cahill's new album, Songs for Sarah. Buy it right here for holiday gifting.

A word from Esteemed CEO:

Looking for that perfect gift? In our Soona Songs store we have folk, pop, rock and jazz -- music for everyone on your list. Our unique albums are low fat, gluten free and pair nicely with dark chocolate. Buy several today!

Still hot off the press and climbing the charts is Kevin Elliott's new release, It's a Circus Here, Dolores. Another great gift for the delightfully quirky folks in your life.

And for those young pups in your life, Ghost Dog recommends a little rock 'n' roll - check out I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist from Radiophonic.

New Soona Snacks!
  • To celebrate Beth's release, we have a song with Christmas in the title - "Christmas Day in Flint, Michigan." Warning: this is not a carol.
  • From Marilyn Duncan's album Departures, a sort of seasonal offering - "Gift of the Song."
  • A real gift from our own Jazz Diva Lisa Markley's The Sky Is Blue and Sometimes Cries - "Elements" - featuring song composer Bruce Balmer on guitar.

We here at Soona Songs wish you a wonderful holiday season, with a large helping of live music, love and friendship.



Ghost Dog Blog - Kevin Elliott Album Release Edition!

Greetings Soonaphiles,

Ghost Dog here, hoping everyone is bright and shiny, with tails wagging hard! Here at Soona Songs, things are leaf peeping busy. Kevin Elliott's new album It's a Circus Here, Dolores is ready to go!

A word from Esteemed CEO:
We are proud to add Kevin Elliott's new album to our Soona Songs Store selection. You can buy it as a CD or a Download right here! Thank You.

New Soona Snacks Up!

  • Sample the twisted styling of Kevin Elliott - "New Hat and Suspenders" from It's a Circus Here, Dolores
  • In celebration of Radiophonic's new video taking off - "Ultralight" from I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist

And here's the video in case you missed it:

Ghost Dog would also like to report Beth Cahill's new release, Songs for Sarah, is coming soon!

As the sun heads south, we wish you warm wine, fire and friends. Thank you for supporting independent music - especially ours!



Soona's Back to School Edition

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, hoping your new shoes don't pinch and you are ready to rock and roll into fall. And speaking of rock and roll - the new Radiophonic video is here for your edification and enjoyment!

Ghost Dog sends a huge wag of the tail to filmmaker and bassist, Daniel Loyd and all his crew for putting this one together.

In other news, we here at Soona Songs are in wrapping up mode: wrapping up the new recording studio; wrapping up Kevin Elliott's It's a Circus Here, Dolores; and wrapping up Beth Cahill's Songs for Sarah.

A great deal of 703 fiberglass is making its way to the walls and ceilings of the new Soona Songs recording studio. Graham Man-of-Many-Tasks Duncan will be in house for the final "tune and wire" push later this month. Esteemed CEO is ready for the studio to be done, and also has the following message:

Check out the Soona Store! Our albums are now available as FLAC and MP3 downloads. Of course, we still have the old-fashioned hard copies, which we will gently wrap and mail - order one (or two or three) for your mother today! Thank You.

Kevin Elliott's new album, It's a Circus Here, Dolores is at the printer! The CD release party in Urbana, Illinois is scheduled for October 15 at Buvons Wine Bar - if you are in the area, be sure and get there.

Beth Cahill's new album, Songs for Sarah, is also due in October, and as a back-to-school teaser, we are featuring "My Book" from her first album, Hitching to La Paz, as a Soona Snack. The other seasonal snack is, "Don't Make Me Do It," from Markley & Balmer's self-titled debut. Enjoy!

So, until the next blog, stay safe and well, and keep your tail from under the rocker.



Soona Zings Into Spring

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, sniffing out the blossoms as the sun heads back our direction, hoping you are finding time (to quote our artist Beth Cahill) "to feel the sun on your face again."

Bruce Balmer

The longer days have increased the activity at Soona Central: Lisa Markley and Bruce Balmer arrived to break in the new studio, Beth Cahill's new release is wrapping up, Radiophonic continues to climb the charts, and we have new Soona Snacks!

A word from Esteemed CEO:

All the spring celebrations should include a gift from the Soona Songs store - Mother's Day, Father's Day, Arbor Day, you name it - a nice physical CD says "you're old fashioned and I still love you," like nothing else. Get your mom one today!

March brought Lisa Markley and Bruce Balmer to town to play a gig and start recording Lisa's third jazz release. Ghost Dog wants to bill this one as Lisa Markley with the Bruce Balmer Orchestra - Bruce is one of the few guys who can make that appellation work.

Feverish studio preparation by Esteemed CEO and Graham-man-of-many-tasks-Duncan included fiberglass distribution, cable pulling and soldering. In the end, all of the equipment still worked, and the rooms sounded great - so did Bruce and Lisa. We also made a new local friend in Tim Guy - vintage amp aficionado, who helped us keep some very vintage amps on the recording.

The lyric quoted above is from "Krista," a song on Beth Cahill's new release Songs for Sarah. Details are being finalized as Ghost Dog writes, and there is hope of getting this album to the printers before the summer! We will let you know when to order your copy!

Radiophonic continues to gather fans and climb the charts on and they are getting worldwide radio distribution through Ghost Dog recommends liking them on their facebook page -- be the first to know when the new video for "Sunrise Over Venus" debuts. This is a great bit of filmmaking from bass player/filmmaker Daniel Loyd - Coming Soon!

In honor of Spring and the beginning of tourist season we are proud to offer the following Soona Snacks for your musical enjoyment:

We wish you health, happiness and all the songs of spring... and thanks for supporting independent music - especially ours.



Soona's Mid-Winter Missive

Greetings Soonaphiles,

Ghost Dog here, hoping you are safe and warm, with an endless supply of hot chocolate at the ready.  Here at Soona Central we are keeping warm by keeping busy:  promoting Radiophonic's new album, preparing for the Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, and finishing up the studio for a March Markley & Balmer recording session. We have new Soona Snacks too!

A word from Esteemed CEO...

Please check out our Soona Songs Store Selections - unique and delightful gifts for the mid-winter gift giving season - one size fits all, trans-fat free.  Thank you.

Promotion continues on Radiophonic's I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist. They are climbing the charts and will soon be playing on a radio station near you.  Ghost Dog would ask you to hop on this rocket ship, but perhaps it would be safer to just buy the album, friend them on Facebook and watch Wonderboy one more time.  Rumor has it a new video will be out soon!  In other news, the wait is over -- check out the newly completed I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist companion PDF artwork.

Mid-February is the time that Soona Songs packs up the car(s) and converges on Memphis to participate in the International Folk Alliance Conference.  This year, in addition to promoting our artists, we will be promoting our recording capabilities.  The new studio is almost complete, so if you have a recording project, please contact Esteemed CEO!

The first project in our new studio will be Markley & Balmer, coming in March to play some Tennessee venues and lay down tracks for their second Soona Songs release.  Ghost Dog is really excited to be this close to the studio's completion.  We look forward to Graham "man-of-many-tasks" Duncan and Brian "madbean" Aldsworth coming in early March to help wire everything together.

In other news, Beth Cahill's album will be out soon, and Kevin Elliott's album is coming along nicely.

So here are some seasonal Soona Snacks for your free download enjoyment:

  • A wild and jazzy ride through the frozen north from Lisa Markley's album One Word - "Song for Henry"
  • From improvisational trio heliopause's album v.ii, to reflect the way most of us have felt since November - "Pancake ice closing in"
  • And from Radiophonic's I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist, the acoustically inclined instrumental - "A Chill in the Air"

We hope all these songs of cold will warm your hearts as we all anxiously await spring's arrival.  Meanwhile, keep warm and keep smiling and thanks for supporting independent music... especially ours.